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Edible Fruit Arrangements FAQ's

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Edible Fruit Arrangements FAQ's

Fruit Substitutions:

Due to the availability, sweetness and season of some fruit we may have to substitute a different fruit in it's place.


The containers we use to make each type of fruit arrangement may vary according to ocassion and season, however, they will always match gender & age.


We have a wide variety of fresh fruit arrangements and chocolate dipped fruit to choose from, with a multitude of options for different fruit, chocolate, and topping combinations! You can also customize your order by adding plush teddy bears, balloons and more. You will see all of these custom options as you proceed through the checkout process, after you’ve selected an arrangement.

How Long Will My Fruit Last?

Our fruit arrangements are sold at the peak of freshness. We recommend that you enjoy your Edible Arrangement right away. If that’s not possible, you should keep the original wrapping, and refrigerate immediately upon receipt. Once it has been removed from the original wrapping, you should remove the fruit from the skewers, store it in an airtight container, and refrigerate immediately.

Our chocolate dipped fruit is exceptionally fresh, and should be consumed immediately. If that’s not possible, you should keep the original packaging, refrigerate immediately upon receipt, and enjoy within 24 hours of receipt.

Why doesn't my Fruit Arrangement have the same amount of fruit as the photo on the website?

Our arrangements may vary in the exact fruit counts due to produce size variations throughout the year.  Each fruit has a peak season, which may result in larger than average produce during that time; similarly, there are seasons when the fruit may be smaller than average. To ensure that the arrangement’s design remains uniform, our Fruit Experts work within specified fruit count ranges for each fruit type when building each arrangement. This gives our highly trained staff just enough flexibility to ensure that the arrangement is perfectly designed, no matter what size the fruit is at that point in the year.

What kind of chocolate do you use?

We use a variety of the finest chocolates beginning with semi-sweet, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and imported gourmet chocolate.

What type of strawberries do you use?


We hand select all strawberries that are used to prepare each order.  The reason we do this no type of strawberry is good all season that's way we good to the extra trouble of checking all of the strawberries daily.


There are no refunds after the product you order is created. When ordering as a gift for delivery please make sure that the person your sending the arrangement to is home and not out of town etc; we cannot refund for these types of mistakes.